About Ben

I was born in a foreign country in an Army hospital, which always confused me because my Dad was in the Navy. I am of Scottish descent which has given me scrappy facial hair and a tendency to prefer the glow of 60w light bulbs over direct sunlight. I feel fortunate to be able to call myself a Wisconsin Badger.

I lucked out and married my best friend (she was crazy enough to follow me anywhere when I graduated college in 2006). In 2014, we brought upon this earth another super pale ginger named Logan. I envy his amazing head of hair.

The first movie that I saw in the theaters was The Care Bears Movie, don’t laugh, that’s deep stuff for a 1-year old. This probably marked the genesis of my love for movies. I can’t tell you what my favorite film is, but here are some that might make the Top 5 (on any given day): Ghostbusters, Stranger Than Fiction, The Incredibles, Hot Fuzz, The Dark Knight, Braveheart, The Fifth Element, and The Crow.