ROM – Read-Only Memory

ROM – Read-Only Memory

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“ROM” is a science-fiction drama that tells the story of Daniel, a man so disturbed by a memory from his past that he will do anything to erase it. Helping him find the singularity he seeks is OZ, Daniel’s computer, who is becoming increasingly aware of the nuances of humanity. Together they will discover the answer they have been searching for and Daniel will be forced to sacrifice what he wants for what he needs.

Benjamin Sliker – Writer/Director/Editor
Matthew Bumby – Writer/AD
Tim Holt – Actor – Daniel
Michael Thomas – Actor – Jason
Tom Olson – Voice Talent – Oz
Jason Fararooei – Director of Photography
Chris Hurn – Composer
Joe Johnson – Sound Design/Dialogue Editing
Lana Bolin – Sound Design
Kevin Anderson – Grip
Jennifer and Marie Sliker – Craft Services


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